Ev’s Assessment

Today Ev had his every 6 month assessment in Iowa City. This is a appointment that I dread every time because it lasts about 4 hours. As much as I’m exhausted from it Ev is just as much. During this appointment we met with PT, OT, Speech, a doctor, a dietitian, audiologist and a social worker. Our recent trips to Iowa City have been so daunting and scary because of the pandemic but, not in one way did I not think proper measures were in order to keep us and others safe.

Today’s evaluation went so great! It’s amazing how in 6 months this little guy can change! He has advanced in all areas, but is still developmentally delayed in all areas as well. Ev is now waving hi and bye, dancing, likes to brush his teeth, cruising along furniture, scoots so fast, gets into about anything that’s not his toys and is becoming very vocal!

Two main concerns were eating/gaining weight and walking. These are not surprising. I feel like eating and gaining for Ev has been a issue and struggle since he wasn’t even a hour old. We have also decided that it was time to fit Ev for AFOs, which are braces for his feet to give him better support and stability. When Ev stands his feet go inward so this will help straighten them out and give him balance and support to encourage walking. Next week he will be fitted for them and get new hands splints and also have feeding therapy.

Even though these appointments are necessary to help his development and future, facing this head on still hits you like a ton of bricks. Going through daily life I don’t think twice about who Ev is because we don’t talk about his disabilities it’s always about his “abilities” and what we need to do today. He is the most amazing happy and strong little boy I know! I feel so blessed and thankful to be his mom. Yes he’ll get through this he always does, and comes out so dang strong on the other side.

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